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Hi, We are Rik & Elsa. We are husband and wife, best friends, travel companions and nature lovers. Nothing makes us more happy than "shiny happy people" who follow their hearts. On this blog we document everything that inspires us.

Rik is educated as an architectural engineer and currently studies building biology.

Elsa studied herbal medicine and now studies to become a homeopathic doctor.



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ENDLESS ELECTRICITY: Here’s A Way Of Turning America’s Roads Into Gigantic Solar Panels

There are about 31,251 square miles of roads, parking lots, driveways, playgrounds, bike paths, and sidewalks in the lower 48 states. If Julie and Scott Brusaw have their way, they will all someday be replaced with solar panels.

For the better part of a decade, the Idaho couple has been working on prototyping an industrial-strength panel that could withstand the weight of even the largest trucks. They now appear to have cracked the formula, developing a specially textured glass coating for the panels that can not only bear tremendous loads but also support standard tire traction.

By their reckoning, at peak installation their panelized roads could produce more than three times the electricity consumed in the U.S.

The material could power electric vehicles through a receiver plate mounted beneath the vehicle and a transmitter plate is installed in the road.

brilliant :)

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Our food supply is hanging on by a thread

Villa Vals by SeARCH

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Rock Church Helsinki Rock Church Helsinki Rock Church Helsinki Rock Church Helsinki Rock Church Helsinki Rock Church Helsinki Rock Church Helsinki Rock Church Helsinki Rock Church Helsinki Rock Church Helsinki

Rock God (Part 2): Church Of The Rock Helsinki by Timo and Tuomo Suomalainen-

Helsinki’s Temppeliauko church, more commonly known as The Church of the Rock took only a year to construct and opened in 1969. The church that is partially underground was excavated from the rock and then covered with a huge copper dome supported on concrete beams. The natural light that floods the church from the 365 degree skylights is incredible. For mor images click (HERE).

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Did Frank Lloyd Wright Create America’s Greatest Office? 

Happy Monday! These photos are from the SC Johnson headquarters in Racine, Wisconsin, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1937. Although the lily-pad columns in the building’s Great Workroom are impressive, Wright’s brilliant design pervades even the smallest details. The chair fabric was color-coded by department, each desk had a streamlined inbox/outbox system, and some chairs (like the one pictured above) had only three legs, supposedly to keep typists from slouching too far to either side.

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Studio Mumbai

Studio Mumbai - Ustav house, Satirje 2008.

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A unit for students which is affordable, environmental-friendly and smart both in terms of design and choice of materials. In 2014, 22 units will be built and ready for students to move into.

Find more at: http://bit.ly/1fhehQG

Smart Student Units - Sweden by Tengbom Eriksson Architects

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